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New Hampshire Rx Card Testimonials

I read about the NH Rx card in our local paper recently and downloaded a card from the website. I used it for the first time at my local pharmacy and I saved $39.49 on my cardiac medication. I am a 64 year old who is caught in the "senior Americans without medical insurance" area and my medication for Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome has been $103 per month. My heart problem reared its ugly head rather suddenly and that money was not in the budget of two seniors on Social Security. After being retired for over two years I had to take a seasonal job this summer in order to pay for the medication. Summer is over and so is the job and I wondered how I was going to afford my medication and then I found this program. I just have to say THANK YOU to someone!

Jim, P.
Manchester, NH

New Hampshire Medical Society (NHMS) partnered with United Networks of America and the New Hampshire Business and Industry Association in October of 2009 to offer prescription assistance to the citizens of NH. In keeping with our mission of advocating for the patient and public health, the NHMS believes this program offers the public a tremendous benefit and helps us further our mission. With over thousands of prescriptions being filled monthly, this program has been a phenomenal success!

Scott C.
Concord, NH

The New Hampshire Rx Card and United Networks of America offer our members real value and savings toward prescription drug purchases. Our members appreciate the Rx Card and our partnership with UNA is a great one. It enhances our value proposition and brings additional, tangible benefits to our members. Affinity programs such as this one are increasingly important to a chamber's success.

Jim R.
Concord, NH